Kathryn Reichert


Places We Have Been

The idea behind this series is that we all have places that are significant to us for one reason or another. We partially categorize our experiences and “emotional education” (for lack of a better term) by places we have been. Have you ever revisited a place years since the last time you have been there to be greeted by a wave of nostalgia, excitement or even a pit in your stomach? I chose to use places that are significant to me and assign a physical artifact to convey the experience I had at this place and the emotions that have remained associated with it since. The degraded quality of the object is not meant to hold any negative implications; it illustrates the passage of time, which inevitably takes some of the newness, and sometimes sting, out of these memories. All of the subjects are digitally painted on top of photographs using Photoshop.

This is project is in progress.