Kathryn Reichert


Genetically Modified

This series presents a modern twist on the traditional still life. Beautiful light and decadent fruit still take center-stage, but not in the conventional sense.

The light is created solely through light painting; I use a small flashlight to light the exact areas intended. The fruit is also "genetically enhanced" in order to ensure that its outwards appearance is pristine. Even the occasional flowers and leaves in the background are plastic.

To leave something up to nature is to leave it to chance- but we are people who like to leave nothing to chance. We utilize what we know to overcome the rules of nature, ever-reaching for "the ideal" version of all things, shiniest red apples and beyond . However, when so much demand is placed on attaining apparent outward perfection it can leave the neglected soul of the thing to become something we no longer recognize. At what point does the cost outweigh the benefit; where do we draw the line?