Kathryn Reichert


Most of my work outside of larger projects involves experimenting with new processes and often mixing and matching several of them. These are some of my favorite images from these experiments.


The cornerstone of Lomography is its unpredictability, lack of precision, and the emphasis it places on "shooting from the hip". As someone who shoots mainly in studio settings with 100% control, these tenets were fairly foreign and a bit intimidating to me. After a few (incredibly frustrating) rolls yielding nothing exciting, I finally embraced the idea of just shooting for fun.  It has since become a preferred method of shooting and I'm often out with two or three different cameras and a variety of film, eager to see what happenstance delivers that day.


Alternative Processes

I only began getting my hands into alternative process photography over the summer of 2016, but became quickly enamored with freedom and creativity inherent in each process. Watch for this gallery to grow, as I will definitely continue to explore the different things that alt pro has to offer.